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Ze Art Apartment

Ze Art Apartment, a nicely furnished two-storied apartment for holiday rent, is rated **** by the authorities of tourism.

Ideally located in the heart of the renowned seaside resort of Dinard in Brittany, Ze Art Apartment is a 90m2 designer duplex, just 50 metres from the popular Ecluse Beach. It has two bedrooms (on the upper floor), a huge living room with balcony and splendid sea view, as well as an open-plan kitchen, which can comfortably accommodate four people.

Ze Art Apartment has been stylishly decorated with art works you can acquire at a preferential price, to prolong the magic of your stay.


A real treasure of the Côte d’Emeraude and not far from the historical town of Saint-Malo, Dinard posseses the elegance of exclusive destinations. You’ll never tire of strolling past the legendary villas and savouring the marvellous seascape, with all the little islands and rocks that change colour according to the tides, their colours reminding us of atolls in the Pacific.

Dinard offers plenty of sporting, leisure and cultural activities...

... such as the “Festival du Film Britannique” (British Film Festival), the “Festival du Rire” (Dinard Comedy Festival), exhibitions at the Palais des Arts, equestrian events, an 18-hole golf course, tennis, flying, yachting, nautical sports, a seawater Olympic swimming pool, an outstanding thalassotherapy centre, a Barrière Casino, a cinema, and plenty of art galleries, among which you’ll find Ze Art Galerie, a modern art gallery which has furnished Ze Art Apartment with art works that will add daily enjoyment of art to your stay.

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